Our competences

We develop pragmatic and innovative solutions rooted in our practical experience.

Time is money, which is why we put emphasis on fast and effective implementation paired with 100 percent conceptional strategic planning. Our practical experience is supplemented by our cooperation with universities and research institutions. [back to overview]


We speak the languages of all hierarchy levels of our customers.

For making changes in any process, it is essential that all staff members from the shop floor to the board of directors are excited about and won over by an innovation. We handle the change management at all levels of a company by running tailored workshops, presentations and trainings to get everyone on board. [back to overview]


We support our customers during all project phases: Redesign and concept design, implementation and ramp-up validation as well as optimization.

Only those who implement processes know how to plan them reasonably. For this reason, we assist with our customers' projects for their entire duration and provide support in all project phases from planning via implementation up to ramp-up validation. [back to overview]


We focus on our core competences: JIT/JIS, material and information flows, pre-production series and ramp-up management, IT system design, lean management, job planning and control.

We are well-versed in many things, but not in everything and we know that. We have acquired our core competences throughout years of practical experience and by continued training. Beyond that, we have access to a specialist network from further scientific and practical fields of expertise. [back to overview]


We specialize in automobile manufacturers, suppliers and high tech companies.

Due to their training and experience, BLSG AG's staff members have essential competences the the areas of automobile manufacturing and mechanical engineering. When it comes to the technical further training of our staff, we primarily use the requirements of this sector as a guide. [back to overview]



Our service approach

We strive towards an optimized general concept for our customers' processes.

While looking for process solutions, we always keep the big picture in mind! To achieve this, we carefully coordinate partial solutions with each other. Naturally, we incorporate interfaces with processes beyond the scope of our project. This includes both different organizational units within our customers' systems and their external partners such as suppliers. [back to overview]


We develop individual and comprehensive results which are backed by all parties involved.

In most cases, processes involve several levels of a company – from shop floor to management. Thus, an overall optimized solution cannot be off the shelf. We analyze the current state while taking the requirements of all parties involved and affected seriously. Only if all areas and levels back a solution can it be implemented successfully in the long run. [back to overview]


We serve as a partner during one phase of our customer's life.

Customers mostly hire us in difficult situations – and we provide sustainable support. It is our goal that our customers no longer depend on our help after the completion of a project. [back to overview]


We appreciate each and everyone and remain authentic.

Analyzing processes and designing solutions always entails evaluation. To us, this means addressing even inconvenient truths – both in analyzing causes and in projecting results. In doing so, we keep an open mind at all levels. We treat each and everyone respectfully and evaluate the process, not the person behind it. It is our opinion that mutual appreciation and authentic measures lay the groundwork for a cooperation based on trust. [back to overview]


We ensure the long-term success of a company by putting customer satisfaction before our own interests.

Customer satisfaction is the most important gage of our company's long-term success. After all, only satisfied customers will be glad to hire us for helping them solve new problems. Our dedication to the projects – including personal commitment – exceeds the common level. In this way we can achieve results to our customers' satisfaction. [back to overview]



Our management philosophy

We promote our staff members' health because their minds are our capital.

Our staff members' health is very dear to us. For this reason, free gym visits, lunch vouchers and free office beverages are part of our extensive benefit package. [back to overview]


We make important decisions together.

If important decisions are made by one person alone, the staff members' interests and ideas often remain unconsidered. We therefore attach importance to discussing alternatives together and making important decisions collectively. Thus, each team member is highly appreciated and can make a direct contribution to our success. [back to overview]


We practice a leadership model based on mutual trust and support by superiors.

Our staff members are welcomed into a work environment characterized by mutual respect and trust in the other person's strengths. Even in difficult situations nobody is left alone, the complete support and backup by superiors is our prime concern in this regard. [back to overview]


We work passionately because we achieve a lot on our own authority.

Flexible, autonomous work is a given for us. So long as neither a customer project nor a colleague is affected negatively, each member of staff can chose their workplace freely and organize their hours flexibly. This autonomy in (international) large-scale projects is motivating and exciting. [back to overview]


Satisfied employees are important for us and we identified the family surrounding as the decisive factor.

Our employees have the necessary flexibility to keep work&life in balance. We offer practical arrangements which alleviate the alignment of family commitments with occupational obligations. Furthermore we work diligently to become a even more family-friendly employer. [back to overview]



Our communication style

We promote and demand open communication.

Open communication both internally and with our customers allows effective and efficient decision-making. Clear communication paths define who communicates with whom and when. Our decision-making process is always traceable, for instance by regular status updates and uninterrupted project documentation. Continuous project reviews with our customers form the basis for improving the further course of a project. By means of a company-internal wiki and an office management board, we have installed internal instruments for promoting open communication. [back to overview]


We generate transparency via clear communication paths.

Clear communication paths render it transparent who communicates with whom and when. Our decision-making processes remain traceable at all times. This is supported by regular status updates and uninterrupted project documentation Continuous project reviews with our customers form the basis for continuous improvements throughout a project. [back to overview]


We cultivate straightforward, open and respectful interaction with each other.

Our flat hierarchy and fast communication paths resulting therefrom enable us to communicate in a straightforward manner. Everyone is accepted as an equal staff member and is heard, be it a team assistant, managing director, student or consultant. Our active feedback culture entailing clear rules and monthly monitoring as well as the team barometer (IM LOT - In total, Motivation, Life and work, Obligation, Team spirit) play their part in maintaining respectful interaction with each other. [back to overview]



Our team spirit

We set goals as a team and work on them together.

Only one's own goals will be pursued with passion. For this reason, we set our goals together and allocate responsibility for them according to skills and interests. Reaching the team goals is a factor in each staff member's performance-based bonus. This is one out of many reasons why we support each other and work together. [back to overview]


We support each other.

Individual authority is important but must not lead to overwhelming demand. Those who need support can and should ask for it at any time and from anyone. We promote an open feedback culture by monthly monitoring. Moreover, we regularly check whether all staff members feel comfortable in our company. If action is required we define measures together to bring everything back on track. [back to overview]



Our ecological awareness

We use natural resources efficiently and sustainably – with customers and within our own company.

We live in a unique world and protecting it is one of our primary concerns. For this reason, we for example use recycled paper, organic milk and regional products wherever possible in our office. With the help of our ecological guidelines, we regularly raise awareness for our resources and thus reduce our internal energy consumption. Furthermore, we support our customers in introducing green supply systems, e.g. by utilizing reusable containers or GoGreen transports. [back to overview]


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