At BLSG the employees have a personal responsibility for working hours and -location. As long as customers nor colleagues are put in disadvantage, you decide where you work. Of course you are bound to your contract with regards to working time. The distribution of your working hours however is subject to your personal responsibility. Moreover you have the chance to adapt your workload in both ways – up and down by our rule of flexible selection of contract working hours.



We develop our career paths together, therefore we have implemented our so called qualification matrix. This tool ensures that the path can be followed in a fair and transparent way and that it ensures your professional growth.
The company devotes up to one month’s salary to your professional training, while you spend on average five days per year on external courses and seminars. Besides specialist training languages are also important for our company. We acquire and develop our level of language skills as a team. On top of external training we train mutually in a structured way. Thereby we sustainably anchor know-how in the company. Generic competences complement the specialist and methodical knowledge.



We know that monotone work is demotivating so we counteract actively. We set the framework that you can be innovative and leave enough open space for you to tap your full potential. As consultant you are engaged in at least two projects and you perform internal tasks and goals. You can creatively carry out the internal jobs, even follow your passion and as a side effect contribute to the development of the company. With our so called FedExDay we give you the opportunity to work on an exceptional topic at your chosen location. Innovative ideas are best placed in our program I². Your idea can be turned into cash and you can actively participate in the implementation of your ideas.



We live a flat hierarchy, participation and feedback are basic components of our corporate culture. Simple decisions are disposed in our staff decision board. Despite our youth we are far away from chaos as we define all processes. However we do not follow the attitude of “we’ve always done it that way”. Your feedback will always be heard both within the team as well as in the projects. For us every employee counts, whether intern or boss, you convince by ideas and not by status.



We are a powerful team. We enjoy working together and we strengthen the social cohesion by team events (also during working hours), so on some Friday afternoons we gather for AfterHours. We celebrate our joint success in closing events. Furthermore we become socially involved twice a year at our social event.



We are a family-friendly company. As mum or dad BLSG pays you one share of your child care costs before your kid reaches school age. Furthermore we organize one company + family event per year. However the needs are subject to change therefore we scrutinize status quo on a regular basis and develop new measures. Our employees’ health is also an important asset for us. Therefore you can train at the gym while BLSG pays one share of the monthly membership costs.

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