Job and Production Control play an important role in any manufacturing company. They promote the achievement of goals in production and logistics. Jobs must be controlled such that – according to the 5R's of logistics – the right products must pass through the entire production process in the right amounts at the right place, at the right time and having the right quality.

The goals of lean Job and Production Control are minimizing inventories, lead times and schedule deviations while maximizing capacity utilization.

BLSG AG's team has been working in the area of Job and Production Control for many years. Both via industry projects and research, we were able to gain a wide range of experience which our consultants combine with their methodological competence to contribute to our customers' projects.



In planning and optimizing Job and Production Control processes, we use the lean management philosophy as a guide. Good Job and Production Control allows lean production and material supply processes. We ensure that the control is optimally harmonized with the production infrastructure as well as with production-related restrictions.

When analyzing a current state, we employ methods such as value stream and information flow mapping. A typical tool for causal analysis is the 5-Whys method. It renders weaknesses detected in a current process more specific. When defining the desired process we put emphasis on incorporating staff members of all company divisions involved across all hierarchy levels. This forms an essential basis for a broad acceptance of new or altered processes. Our consultants have a wide range of moderation techniques in combination with a vast experience in project management at their disposal. This is how we succeed in taking all parties involved and affected into consideration and guiding them towards a constructive, solution-oriented cooperation..

We believe that an individual selection of tools and their adaptation to the respective requirements and needs in your projects are crucial for long-term success.


Job and Production Control reference projects

  • Concept design, planning and implementation of a brown field factory according to stable production and order sequence for a premium-sector automobile manufacturer
  • Concept design and programming of factory process monitoring for an automotive supplier
  • Concept design, planning and implementation of a stable production and oder sequence in the context of green field factory planning for a premium-sector automobile manufacturer


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