BLSG AG sets itself the target to provide everyone the knowledge of solving logistic and production problems. Currently the five most important action and problem areas of the core competences job and production control and LEAN Management are represented in a knowledge portal. You are able to access the BLSG knowledge portal by clicking “BLSG knowledge portal” or by using this Link.

In the knowledge portal you can find diverse recommendation for action to treat problems like high space requirement and low delivery reliability. A guidance could be to decrease work-in-process. In addition to an explanation of each guidance, there is a checklist in order to identify the causes of the problem areas.

Next to the continual adding of new contents to the knowledge portal, the BLSG AG also lists further core competences.

If there are any questions left, we are willing to help you. Therefore you are able to contact us by calling the following telephone number: +49 841 90006860


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