The ideal factory 2025! What should it look like? What role will employees play and with which machines will they work? Which technologies are going to be used there? How will plants be linked in the material flow and how does the information flow of the future look like? How are orders controlled to enable the ideal production?

An interdisciplinary team took four full days to answer these questions under the moderation of the BLSG AG. The consultants helped the workshop participants with tailor-made analysis and creative methods as well as with know-how from the core competences “LEAN Management” and “Job and Production Control”.

At the final presentation the guests, including top executives from factory management to members of the management board, showed great interest in the presented results. In addition to the detailed target image, a maturity model was developed which enables an evaluation of the actual status of all plants and serves as an orientation for the first implementation steps. These are anchored in a roadmap to bring the ideal factory to life. The factory of the future is starting now!



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